User guide

Mate Libre’s B2B platform just got a fresh look!

Welcome to our new commercial website, just as simple and efficient, with a few additions that
we hope will make your life easier.
• A simple link to place a commercial order: .
• Your user (email and password) remains the same.

New stuff!
• You must sign a credit card pre-authorization form.
• Your credit card will be securely stored within Stripe in our commercial platform. We won’t
have access to your credit card information.
• We will have the ability to place orders on your behalf and charge your credit card. Of course,
we will not charge you or place an order without your agreement and explicit request.

3 simple steps to activate your account and place an order:
• Sign in.
• Sign the credit card pre-authorization form.
• Register your credit card.

That’s it!
Welcome to Mate Libre 2.0